Exclusive Shadows of the Galaxy Previews

Revealing Cassian Andor and Privateer Scyk for Shadows of the Galaxy.

Welcome back!

This week, FFG has graciously given me the opportunity to spoil two brand new cards for the Shadows of the Galaxy set! For the few people that are reading this, rather than going directly to the cards, thank you haha. I've been bringing you articles for a few months now and today is going to be a little different. In addition to the card, I'll talk about a few ways to use it and some decks that they might fit in.

I don't want to waste too much of your time reading introductions or small talk so let's jump right into the first, and what I think is the best card of the two, Cassian Andor!

Cassian Andor - Rebellions Are Built on Hope

Despite not having a lot of actual game text, Cassian does quite a lot. First thing that jumps out to me is the Rebel trait. We don't have a lot of Rebels in set 2 but the ones we do have definitely make it count. I think Cassian is going to have a home in a few decks, most notably Sabine variants. He works well with Rebel Assault, Medal Ceremony, For a Cause I Believe In, and being able to resource him early leaves ways to play him as a surprise attacker later in the game to use with something like Heroic Sacrifice for 5 damage over 2 actions when you previously didn't have a board. I don't want to make a direct comparison to the Millennium Falcon - Piece of Junk because that wouldn't be fair, but units that cone into play ready have proven to be a weapon that aggro decks love to utilize.

Aside from Sabine and aggro in general, Cassian should find his way into Lando Aggression decks - playing Cassian from your resource row for his regular cost of 3, and then being able to be played ready, is pretty big especially when combined with a Hotshot DL-44 Blaster.

Moving on to the next card ...

Privateer Scyk

Yet another cheap ship for set 2, the Scyk lacks the very important Underworld (or Imperial) trait and instead gets stuck with the currently useless Fringe trait. That said, it's one of the better "aspect matters" cards as anything cheap that can gain a Shield means it's ripe for upgrades and aggressive strategies. I do think not being able to Ma Klounkee it, Snowtrooper Lieutenant, or any other Underworld/Imperial tricks make it a fair bit less playable but I still expect it to see play in some strategies that go under whatever the opponent is doing. It's single aspect which helps but I think it could have gained a bit more power and playability if it had a second aspect attached to it.

That's it! Short, sweet, and to the point since all you really wanted to see were the cards to begin with. Enjoy and I can't wait to bring you set 2 decks very, very soon!

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