Star Wars: Unlimited Meta Tier List

Discover the best Star Wars: Unlimited decks and archetypes in the current meta that players are using to win tournaments. Our tier list is updated weekly, alongside our meta reports.


Tier Explanation:

  • S-Tier: Overtuned decks that warp and control a large part of the meta. May not always be in the meta snapshot.
  • Tier 1: Well-optimized decks that can consistently top and/or win an event. Not a perfect deck, but a solid deck with few weaknesses and a gameplan against most everything.
  • Tier 2: Competitive decks that have a few glaring weaknesses but can still compete with some, or most, of the top decks with some solid tech options and sideboard plan.
  • Tier 3: Average deck that isn't bad but also not well-equipped to top or win an event without a lot of breaks going your way. Poorly optimized decks, linear in nature, and easy to attack.
  • Tier 4: Inconsistent deck that may be built around a specific card or multi-card combo that doesn't end a game. Overly niche deck that won't win against the top, well-refined decks.

Current Season:

Tier List

Tier 1Command Boba Fett
• Cunning Boba Fett
• Command Sabine
• Cunning Sabine
• Command Han Solo
• Vigilance Darth Vader
Tier 2• Aggression Leia
• Command Iden Versio
• Command Krennic
• Vigilance Iden Versio
• Command Darth Vader
• Aggression Chirrut
• Vigilance Palpatine
• Aggression Iden
• Command Luke Skywalker
• Vigilance Han Solo
Tier 3• Aggression Luke Skywalker
• Vigilance Thrawn
• Aggression Grand Moff Tarkin
• Command Chewbacca
Tier 4• Everything else

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